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When your vehicle gets harder on fuel or starts to show excessive exhaust smoke or begins to idle badly or hesitate or shows a decrease in power, it may be that you need to clean the fuel injectors.

You should have this done by a professional but here is the process for cleaning fuel injectors :

  • Ideally wait until the fuel level is no higher than 25% full and then open the fuel cap and using a funnel, pour the injector cleaner into the fuel tank. Be careful not to allow any cleaner to get on the vehicle paintwork. Wipe off immediately if this happens.
  • Switch the vehicle on and let the engine run for about 15 minutes or better still, just drive it. Don't refill with fuel until necessary as this gives the injector cleaner more opportunity to do its work!
  • During the injector cleaning process, you may notice an increase in exhaust smoke and the engine may run slightly rougher. This is quite normal and is merely the result of the injector cleaner doing its job by burning off the deposits, gums and varnishes that have built up on the injectors and within the combustion chamber.
  • Once the vehicle has been freshly refuelled and run for a further few miles, all should be good!
  • If problems persist, it is more than likely a sign that there may other issues other than dirty fuel injectors causing the vehicle to run poorly. In this case, the vehicle should be investigated further by an appropriate professional.